CURRENT Member Renewal

If you are currently a member of Arboretum Toastmasters and would like to renew your dues, this is the place for you!

Current members can pay by:

  1. Check (Least preferred, but we'll take them if that's what works best for you)

  2. Credit Card in-Meeting

  3. Paypal (below)

If you are not ALREADY a member of Arboretum Toastmasters, DO NOT PAY HERE. Please fill out our online membership form and you will receive an email about how you should pay your dues.

UPDATE: In light of the tough year, we have reduced Spring club dues to our base costs to register you with Toastmasters International. If you are an active club participant and are out of work, please contact Anne or Matt-we have a few scholarships available that you may qualify for.

Current dues renewal fee: $47.